Principality of “New Atlantis”

We the undersigned citizens Vladimir Yordanov Balanov born 22.08.1957 in Bulgaria, Svishtov, Galina Lefterova Balanova, born 15.02.1959 in Bulgaria, Svishtov and Yordan Vladimirov Balanov born 31.05.1980 in Bulgaria, Svishtov, hereby proclaim the establishment of an independent, sovereign, rule of law, which is a constitutional monarchy – principality and is entitled “New Atlantis.”
Sovereignty extends to the entire territory of the newly in 2012 floating island “YJNI” in the South Pacific Ocean, which at the time of formation of the state has an area of ​​ 26 800 and is located 38 degrees south latitude and 168 degrees 16 minutes west longitude, on the adjacent territorial waters and on the exclusive economic zone around the island YJNI.
The purpose of the establishment of the new state – the Principality “New Atlantis” is to unite the economic potential that the island offers as a country with the intellectual potential of the smartest people in the world that correlate to contribute to the welfare, as residents of the principality, and all inhabitants of planet Earth, in the spirit and traditions of their ancestors from the ancient Atlantis establishing this


1. The Rights of Man
Article 1.1
Citizens of the principality “New Atlantis” and foreigners legally residing on its territory – earth, water, air or cyberspace, enjoy the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and further developed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights – both the Pact of 1966. Legislative, executive and judicial powers of the state in their activities respect these rights.
Article 1.2
Everyone has the right to a dignified life and physical safety. Personal freedom is inviolable. It can be restricted only by law in the public interest.
(1) Everyone has the right to the free development of his personality as it does not violate the rights of others.
(2) All persons are equal before the law. No one can be discriminated against because of their gender, origin, race, language, religion or religious beliefs.
(3) All citizens have the right to choose their profession freely. Nobody can be forced to perform a particular job. The exercise of the profession may be regulated by law.

2. Governance
Article 2.1
The Bulgarian, English and Russian will be used as official languages.

Article 2.2
Head of State of the Principality of “New Atlantis” is the first citizen who participated personally in its establishment and is signed by hand this Constitution. It bears the title “Prince” and to him belongs the supreme power in the state. This supreme power is transmitted to his firstborn, which her successor. It is permissible to refer to the sovereign next two in line of succession. If originally designated heir or one of the next two marked line of succession is not able to accept the supreme power, the Advisory Board shall take a final decision on the matter. In case of equality of votes the Chairman of the Advisory Board has the casting vote.

Article 2.3
The Advisory Board consists of the Prime Minister, Chairman of the State Academy of Sciences, the Ministers, the President of the Central State Bank, the President of the Supreme Court, as well as persons appointed by the decree of the sovereign. Chairman of this Council is the Prime Minister. The function of the Advisory Board is to discuss nation-wide issues and to submit to the sovereign proposals to solve them. The Advisory Board shall be convened by the sovereign or its chairman, works accepted by the themes and schedule and decide by a simple majority.

Article 2.4
(1) The head of state possess exclusive jurisdiction over taxes, duties, excise duties, concessions and monopolies. Income from these sources is established by law, approved by the Sovereign of the Minister of Economy and Finance, after consultation with other members of the Advisory Board. Changes within the statutory size of taxes and concession fees may be made by the sovereign at the request of the person concerned in a specific case or any case for a reasonable period of time.
(2) Levying and collection of taxes, duties and charges shall be made by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Audit of this activity is carried out by qualified persons who entrusted the sovereign.
(3) Income from sources in paragraph 1 shall be allocated between the sovereign State Academy of Sciences, ministries, the Central Bank and the state Supreme Court in the ratio laid down in the law, which was approved by the sovereign at the joint proposal of the Minister of Economy and Finance and President of the Central State Bank, in coordination with other members of the Advisory Board.

3. Citizenship
Article 3.1
Citizens of the principality “New Atlantis” are all persons who recognize the constitution and laws of the principality and accepted for citizens by decree of the head of state.
Citizens of the principality “New Atlantis” law are persons who are personally involved in the formation of the state and signed by hand this Constitution.
By law citizens principality “New Atlantis” are all winners of the Nobel prizes, nominated for Nobel prizes, all members of Mensa International, expressed in writing their desire to sovereigns, as well as persons involved in the creation of the principality.
The head of state announced their names to the decree.

Article 3.2
Persons other than the persons who are entitled citizens of the State under the preceding paragraph, the head of state by decree granted citizenship in a report to the Minister of Justice stated in their request in writing a desire for citizenship. This order is carried out and the release of citizenship.

Article 3.3
Deprivation of citizenship under the previous article is permitted only if the result of depriving the person does not remain without citizenship. The head of state may derogate from this provision if it considers that such deprivation is in the interest of the citizens of the principality “New Atlantis.”

Article 3.4
No citizen of the principality “New Atlantis” could not be extradited at the request of another country for trial or serving a sentence, unless extradition is authorized by the head of state by a decree issued in a report to the Minister of Justice.

4. Legislature
Article 4.1
The Constitution is the supreme law. Ordinary laws and regulations, as well as individual administrative acts cannot contradict. Citizens may want to bring them into line with constitutional provisions.

Article 4.2
(1) The Head of State approved the laws on the proposal of the Advisory Council. Established laws and issued by the respective ministers regulations for enforcement of laws and regulations to implement parts of them that rules and regulations referred to as the “regulations” shall be published immediately in the official printed organ and / or website the state. The laws and regulations come into force three days after its promulgation, unless otherwise provided in this law or regulation.
(2) indicate that the sovereign issue, approved by that laws and regulations before they are published must be entered in the state register.

Article 4.3
The creation of their own legislation in the principality “New Atlantis” applies Bulgarian civil, commercial and criminal law and private international law.

Article 4.4
When conclude an arbitration agreement for resolving international disputes, the head of state can give consent arbitration to apply other national law, unless the law provided for in Article 4.3

5. Executive
Article 5.1
(1) The Council of Ministers the following ministries:
a. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
b. Ministry of Justice
c. Ministry the economy and natural resources
d. Ministry Finance
e. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Development
f. Ministry maritime transport
g. Ministry of Science, Culture and Communications

Head of Council of Ministers is prime minister, who leads and coordinates the work of different ministries. His work is supported by the Deputy Prime Minister.
If necessary, the head of state, at the suggestion of the Advisory Board may decide to create ministries for other national activities.
The head of state by decree appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and heads of ministries (ministers). It is permissible Prime Minister and his deputy to manage one or several ministries and one minister can simultaneously manage different ministries. Prime Minister and the Ministers assume office on the day of taking the oath.
(2) The Prime Minister, his deputies and each ministry created their own organization and work rules, including rules on contracting and contracts they enter into force after their approval by the head of state.

Article 5.2
(1) The official currency in the principality “New Atlantis” is The Royal dollar – “ATLANT”, which is equal to 1/1000 of the current value of one ounce of gold. Princely dollars may be on paper – banknotes are metal coins or electronic money. The issuance of electronic princely dollars printing of banknotes and minting of coins of this type of dollars are made according to the decree of the head of state.
(2) The head of state by decree appoint and dismiss the President of the Central State Bank, which assigned all activities related to the issue, putting into circulation and withdrawal from circulation of money lending and licenses, security currency, international payments and the system of clearing with other countries. The central bank and its chairman are working on rules defined by the sovereign. The President of the Central State Bank is taking office after inauguration by oath to the sovereign.

Article 5.3
(1) 3a maintaining public order and security in the country to establish a national police force, which operates under the overall guidance and supervision of the Minister of Interior and development.
(2) The police respect the right of all citizens to move freely on the territory of the state. Restrictions on this right may be established only by law for reasons of national security, prevention of epidemics and to avoid natural disasters.
(3) The state guarantees the right to property and the right of inheritance of all citizens and protect, including police against illegal encroachments on objects of ownership. Restrictions on these rights can be provided only by law of one of the grounds referred to in the second sentence of the preceding paragraph.

Article 5.4
The state does not grant asylum to a person who is hiding from justice.
6. Judiciary
Article 6.1
Trial courts are established by order of the sovereign in different areas of the country as necessary to justice. The head of state appointed judges there, among the citizens of the principality “New Atlantis”, persons with higher legal education and recognized judicial capacity. Thus appointed judges take office on the date of the swearing in front of him, and their release is issued from the date of decree.
(1) The Supreme Court was divided into two colleges. One of them consider and decide as a second instance administrative and criminal cases at first instance and constitutional cases. Other colleagues consider and decide as a second instance civil and commercial matters. Supreme Court rulings can not be appealed. Supreme Court President, who is also member of the Advisory Board is appointed and dismissed by the decree of the sovereign. He took office by swearing.
(2) The head of state by decree appoints judges from among nationals of the Principality “New Atlantis” at least two people in each college that, except higher legal education and legally recognized judicial capacity must have at least ten years of service. Thus appointed judges take office on the date of the swearing, and their release is issued from the date of decree.

Article 6.2
Any citizen or legal resident of the country a foreigner may file a request before the court for protection of violated or threatened with violation his personal or property right.

Article 6.3
A person can be ordered to be imposed punishment if guilty has committed an act that before its execution by that person is declared by law as a crime.

7. Final Provisions
Article 7.1
State symbol is the National flag. The flag has a rectangular shape. It is red in the upper diagonal half, and blue in the lower half of the diagonal. White diagonal band connects the red and blue diagonal flag.

Article 7.2
With the adoption of this Constitution establishes a new sovereign state which is a principality and is entitled “New Atlantis.” The state shall exercise its sovereignty over a territory of 26,800 square miles of floating island “YJNI” and adjacent from this day territorial waters within 12 nautical miles around the island “YJNI” and newly exclusive economic zone within 200 nautical miles around the island ” YJNI “, as well as the air space over the island and its territorial waters.

Article 7.3
All natural resources found in the bowels of the territorial waters, the exclusive economic zone and in the bowels of the island are exclusively state property the principality and their extraction and operation can be performed in the order established by the head of state.
Article 7.4
In territorial waters and exclusive economic zone sovereign principality may authorize the construction of artificial structures – floating platforms and islands for industrial use, but also those on which to build cities to live in which it can provide autonomy management their tax policy.

Article 7.5
Those involved in the formation of the state principality “New Atlantis” are:
– Vladimir Yordanov Balanov born 22.08.1957 in Bulgaria, Svishtov
– Galina Lefterova Balanova, born 15.02.1959 in Bulgaria, Svishtov
– Jordan Vladimirov Balanov born 31.05.1980 in Bulgaria, Svishtov
and agree that under Article 2.2 of this Constitution the first to participate in the formation of state and sign this Constitution Vladimir Yordanov Balanov and he will be the head of state – the sovereign of the new state – the Principality “New Atlantis” and bears the title ” KING”.
Article 7.6
This Constitution shall enter into force:
a. after its signing by its founders and the date of its publication in the official printed organ and / or the website of the principality “New Atlantis”
b. from the date of signature of the founders before a notary.
Article 7.7
If necessary, the constitution can be revised and updated by decree of the sovereign at the proposal of the Board.

FOUNDERS OF THE STATE principality “New Atlantis” and signed Constitution:


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